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January 2014

Teens and Alcohol

by Staff

Teenagers who decide to drink should know that alcohol is absorbed directly into bloodstream and affects your central nervous system causing you to have poor judgment in every aspect and situation you are in. it could lead to getting in a car with someone else who has been drinking and their ability to not be able to think clearly, could lead to an accident killing any one of you. Other innocent people on the road could be injured or killed, every choice you make can have a serious impact on your life or someone else’s live, so choose wisely.

Teen alcohol abuse

There are a large number of children between the ages of 12 and 20 that abuse alcohol. It does not slow this number down a lot because legally they can’t drink; there is always someone to supply alcohol to them. It is estimated that over three million teenagers abuse alcohol. Depression and anxiety is also caused by alcohol abuse and can in turn make the problem worse.

Signs of abuse

If you know someone that may have a drinking problem you should try and get them to seek help, whether it is a best friend or someone you only know in passing. With the proper help they can overcome this problem and have a long productive life. If you have a friend who has been drinking and you feel that it has gotten out of control here are a few signs to look for.

  1. Blackouts, can’t remember last night.
  2. Frequent drinking almost every day.
  3. Sick from hangovers, becomes unsocial.
  4. Start lying about drinking or how much they drink.
  5. They believe its only way to have fun.

Teen alcohol use

Facts kids should know is that alcohol affects every part of your body. Your brain slows down and you motor skills like speech and walking is affected, you just can’t think straight, even though you feel that you are fine. Teens that use alcohol put their life in danger of being hurt physical by accidents or violence, or can hurt them both physically and mentally. Alcohol use by teens can make them feel sick, depressed, and moody, it can ruin there life forever. If you know a teen who has an alcohol problem, try and get them help. Staff