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January 2014

Teen Drug Abuse

by Staff

If you are the parent of a teenager, than teen drug abuse is one thing you likely worry about with your child. Teen drug use is a common problem for many teenagers. Some teens just want to experience but unfortunately, others use it as a way of solving their problems or trying to forget their problems.

The teenage years are rough and there are many pressures from different directions such as friends, family and school. Some teens fall into drugs as an escape from these pressures. But as the parent of a teenager, there are things you can do to try to prevent this.

Drug Abuse among Teens

Teen drug abuse statistics will show that many teens abuse drugs. Some teens start off out of curiosity or peer pressure. But many become addicted and remain on the drugs. It’s not hard for your child to get drugs either no matter where you live so never think that your teen will not have access.

Some teens begin with alcohol and then move into other drugs. If your teen is smoking or drinking, you need to talk to them about drugs and drug abuse. If your teen has started to hang with a bad crowd, become irritable and withdrawn or had a drastic change in personality or grades in school, you might suspect drug use. You should try to catch it as early as possible to get help for your teen.

How to Help your Teen

The best way to help your teen is to try to prevent drug use to begin with. There are different ways of preventing drug use. You need to try to give your teen alternatives. You need to give them activities to do and places to go so as to be bored and you need to give them an escape if they have problems. Staff