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April 2011

Practical Advices for Parenting Louisiana Teens

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Moms and dads are often in need of advices on parenting that will help them deal with extreme teen behavior. Teenagers are unpredictable and it can be hard for Louisiana parents to control their kid’s temper. Constant change of mood, disrespect of parents and other authority figures and every day conflict can turn satisfaction of parenting little kids into a nightmare of parenting teens.

Parent should prepare for parenting teens when their kid celebrates first or second double-figures birthday and start looking for some practical advices on teen age that is to follow. Today, every teen is at risk to become a troubled teen - thanks to the time we live in -with many dangers and hard to resist temptations for children. Teens are into fashion and constant popularity contests, always competing.

Teenagers are in need of independency. They will try to separate from the control of parents and take control of their life. They will start regarding all the rules you made over the years, and try to create their own set of rules. This is the time of their realization that they are individual person and will try to find who they really are, apart from their parents. Your job is to make sure that their search of their individuality is not to extreme.

Sooner the parents start worrying about teen problems, sooner they will prepare for it and develop practical parenting skills. Parents should guide their children as they make decisions on their own, ensuring making of right choices. Getting independent is important for both teens and parents, but this process lasts for years, it should not happen over night. Parents should explain that to their kids as soon as they try to behave as if they already are adults and demand to treat them that way.

It is important to have a plan for raising a teen and stick to it. In a two-parent family, both parents have to choose strategy and work together. If they have disagreements, they should not show it in front of a child. Child has to see united front, in order to prevent rebellion and confront. Child will just take a side which ever suits him or her more. Single parents also need support from other members of a family. Even divorced parents need to find the way of working together, for the benefit of their child.

Preventing, monitoring, mentoring, modeling and responding are some key aspects of positive parenting. Preventing problems is clearly better then treating them. Monitor child’s contacts with outside world, mentoring him constantly. Model your child in a best way, and set good examples. If your child does go on a sideway, it is crucial that you respond immediately. Staff