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April 2011

Parenting Guide – Starting Point for Massachusetts Parents

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You have managed to raise your kid during twelve difficult years. There was that time when you were completely new at parenting, when your baby totally depended on you, but you managed it. There was time when you had to teach your kid to talk, walk and do everything else. There was preschool age, and the worst problems at school. Still, now that you are experienced parent, you are scared of teen age of your child that has become.

This is not a strange emotion for parents, as many Massachusetts parents feel this way. It is no wander, when we hear all this stories about troubled teens that give headaches to their parents with their reckless and unexpected behavior. We will try to help parents get into the problem of surviving teen age, with this parenting guide.

It is important that you still spend family time with your teens, even though they will try to avoid spending time with you. It is hard to satisfy a teenager. They are in a constant search of new and exiting things, they want to explore the world and find them self (even though they usually don’t know what they are looking for) and family routine might seem boring to them. Therefore, you will have to make more interesting family schedule.

All their life, your kids have been adapting to you and you to them, so there is no reason to stop now, although the changes might seem a bit sudden and radical. In every guide for parents you will learn that time you spend together is very important for their future, as much as communication between you. You still teach your kids what proper values are and make final prepares for their life as adults.

In order to raise your teens positively, you have to give examples. In most cases, Massachusetts teens are replicas of their parents. If you use violence around the house, you are setting a bad example that you can get what you want with violence. It can cause problems for you teen, like getting expelled from school or getting in fights.

Same rules apply for tobacco and alcohol. If you keep alcohol in the house and drink in front of your teen, there is a greater chance that your teen will abuse it, eventually. Good parents learn about signs of drug and alcohol abuse, so they can react on time. Educate yourself on other teen problems as well, so that you can prevent the problems your teen can get into.

We can’t teach about anything in this short guide for parents, only give you basic directions. Educate yourself from other resources as well and seek counsel from therapists. There is never enough knowledge in order to successfully parent out teenagers. Staff